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honor roll of contributors

NAPEF is very grateful to all who contribute to support the National Association of Parliamentarian's goal to educate the world in parliamentary procedure.  Because of your generosity:

  • Your funds ensure high quality education programs and materials and support creatig new materials and programs to meet your needs.  
  • Your contributions support youth education programs, scholarships, and internships. This program provides opportunities for youth members and young professioals to study and apply parliamentary procedure throughout their high school and college careers. 
  • Your donations make possible the grant program that funds associations and units in their endeavors to create programs, lessons, and workshops that are innovative and that can be shared with NAP's membership.

This honor roll of contributors recognizes those individuals who have given above and beyond, not just once but many times.  Thank you to all who support NAPEF's efforts to bring parliamentary education to NAP and others. 


Double Diamond Contributor ($20,000 or more)

Carol A. Habgood TX


Diamond and Ruby Contributor ($15,000 - $19,999)

Linda L. Lawson OK


Diamond and Sapphire Contributors ($13,000 - $14,999)

W. Craig Henry OK                                                   James K. Lawson OK           


Diamond Contributors ($10,000 – $12,299)

Christine W. Dooley GA                                             Mary L. Randolph WA


Ruby Contributors  ($5,000-$9,999)

Lynna Gene Cook NE          Lori Finck, NY                    Ann Guiberson FL            Phyllis Lehrke, MN              Mary Messerschmidt NC     Sandra K. Olson, NE         

Nancy Sylvester IL


Sapphire Contributors ($3,000-$4,999)

Violet J. Corbett MO             Rollie Cox WI                  Caroline R. DeLlamas CA

Loretta Lang Finck CT           Steve Glanstein HI          Dollie McPartlin NV

Colleen G. Reed ME              Henry M. Robert III MD   Carl S. Silverman MD

Ronald M. Stinson TX            Gayla M. Stone CO 


Life Contributors ($1,000-$2,999)

Rose Acker-McIver MD     Lucy Anderson  TX     Beverly Aplikowski  MN  
Edna Arrington  MI   Patricia R. Ashlaw  VA     Patricia K. Austin  MI
Don S. Ayers  VA   Elmer V. Bachenberg CO   Alice M. Bartelt  OR
Ferial S. Bishop  DC   Eleanor Bowser NJ   Gwendolyne C. Brown  DC
MaryScull Brown FL   Johnnie Brown-Swift  TX   Charlotte Buchanan  TN
Lori Bucholz  NE   Ella Carlson  TX   Elaine M. Carlson  OR
Irene Carter  WA   Gloria F. Cofer  GA   June M. Crawford  GA
Kay Crews  TX   Nancy S. Dauster  FL   Connie M. Deford  MI
Dorothy Demarest  FL   Tallie Dillard  AL   Patricia E. Dolan  MI
Robert J. Dolan  WA   Judy Edward MI   Christina Emmert IL
Frank T. Fitzgerald  AZ   Daniel Fitzpatrick  NH   William C. Friedrich  TX
Beverly Glynn Steffenhauer  TX   Vernon Gray  TX   Betty S. Green  TX
E. Vann Greer  OK   Albert T. Hamai  HI   Martha Haun  TX
Richard Hayes  TX   Doris Ann Hendrix TN   Steven M. Hicks, VA
Daniel H. Honnemann  MD   Douglas P. Howell  TN   Martha H. Hughes  AL
Ardith V. Inman  IL   Mildred G. Keso  OK   Gail Knapp  NV
Patricia Koch  OH   Evan Lemoine  CT   Barrie R. Lynch  BC
Leah Raye Mabry  TX   James R. Maynard  MN   Peola H. McCaskill  DC
Vera E. Mizell  CA   Edward M. Moore  TX   Bonnie W. Murdah  PA
Joy Myers  OH   Charles A. Nolan  CA   Betty-Jo Petersen  CA
Ann Rempel  KS   John Rempel  KS   Milton Rosario Soto  PR
Nylanne Scheidegger  NE   Rosemary Seghatoleslami  NJ    Mary Short  TX
Eleanor Siewart  MI   Constance Skidmore  NV   Jim Slaughter  NC
Mary D. Smith  OH   Beatrice Squire  VA   Jean Stallings  CA
William E. Starkey  NJ   James Stewart  CA    
Rosalie H. Stroman  DC   Carolyn E. Stubbs   MI   Beulah T. Sutherland  DC
Donna Thompson  CO   Solveiga L. Unger  NM   Frances P. Vogel  IL
Michael I. Wagner-Diggs VA   Alison Wallis  LA   Marjorie Vinzant Weber IN
Jeff Weston  OR   A. Elizabeth White  MI   Leigh Wintz  PA

 Rhea Woltman OR

  Margaret A. Young  MO   Leonard M. Young  MO
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