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Foundation Scholarships and Grants

NAPEF Grant Application
Download, complete and submit grant application to NAPEF.

Applicants submitting grant applications to the NAPEF must submit their applications reasonably in advance of the date for which the project to be supported by the NAPEF is to take effect, but in no event less than 3 full months prior to the proposed effective date of the project, i.e. when it is to take effect.

NAPEF cannot guarantee it will determine each application and respond to each applicant not less than one month before the proposed effective date of the project in question. However, it is the intention of NAPEF to do so, and to notify each applicant of the decision within the time frame noted here.
Application - NAPEF Grants.pdf
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NAPEF awards grants for educational programs in parliamentary procedure. These grants fund initiatives such as:

  • Producing educational materials and books to help advance the study of parliamentary procedure
  • Establishing online programs, such as webinars and on-demand courses in parliamentary procedure.
  • Creating or improving educational programs, such as credentialing and certificate programs.

NAPEF grants are available to NAP committees (after approval by the NAP board), NAP districts, associations,and units. Other groups involved in parliamentary procedure education may be eligible for a grant as well. 


GRANTS AWARDED 2020 - 2021

  • NAP Educational Resources                         $27,500
  • NAP 2020 Virtual Conference                      $10,000
  • NAP 2021 Virtual Conference                         $7,500
  • San Antonio, Texas Parliamentary Institute $2,000




This scholarship will be available for the interns who attend the NAP Convention and pass the NAP membership exam will assist these hard-working young people to become members of NAP at the convention.  Having the ability to vote in the meetings will add a new dimension to their participation in the NAP convention experience.  


Student Intern Scholarship Information Sheet
Student Intern Scholarship Info Sheet 20[...]
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Student Intern Scholarship Application
Student Intern Scholarship Application 2[...]
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The Young Professionals Dues Scholarship is intended to assist younger members in continuing their parliamentary procedure studies and participation during the years they are becoming established in their careers. The scholarship is available to NAP members between the ages of 24 and 35.  Applications for each membership year will be accepted until November 1.

Young Professionals Scholarship Information Sheet
The information sheet explains the purpose, eligibility, and application procedures for this scholarship.
Young Professional Scholarship Info Shee[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [50.3 KB]
Young Professionals Scholarship Application
Download this application form, complete, and return to NAPEF by November 1.
Young Professional Scholarship Applicati[...]
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The alice ragona memorial dues scholarship 

The Alice Ragona Memorial Youth Scholarship was established to award a dues scholarship to an NAP youth member age 23 years or less who has been a member of NAP for at least one full year and has been actively involved in studying and promoting parliamentary procedure.  Applications are accepted until November 1 of each year.

Alice Ragona Scholarship Information
Read about the purpose, eligibility, and application process.
Alice Ragona Scholarship Info Sheet 2022[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [50.7 KB]
Alice Ragona Application
Download, complete, and submit this application form by November 1 to be consideration for the dues scholarship for the upcoming membership year.
Alice Ragona Scholarship Application 202[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [154.7 KB]

The viola f. brannen memorial scholarship

The Viola F. Brannen Scholarship is an award given to NAP Members to attend in person the National Training Conference (NTC) or the NAP Biennial Convention. This scholarship is for registration fees only.  Applications are accepted until August 1 of each year.

Viola F. Brannen Memorial Scholarship Information
Read about the purpose, eligibility, and application process.
Vi Brannen info sheet-final.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [209.3 KB]
Viola F. Brannen Memorial Application Form
Download, complete, and submit this application form by August 1.
2022 Vi Brannen application -final.pdf
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